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Welcome to join us and become our long-term strategic partner.
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    Quality Control
    We have a smart home production process.When the product is produced, the operation of the equipment is observed, replaced, and finally is the of inspection process of finished product.
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    Transmei has established service OEM/ODM business unit, and we are expertise in embedded hardware and firmware development for IoT, we are fully equipped.
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    About Us
    Changzhou Transmei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. which focuses on smart home IoT products,with consumer electronics and electrical products as the leading factor.
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Questions & Answers

  • Q Do I need an Alexa device in the home to control the outlet while we're away?

    A Not exactly.when you are away,1. you can control smart device by smart phone.2. you can share the smart life app account to your family,then they can control the device by smart phone 3. Timing or setting start conditions can automatically control the equipment  4. use the google assistant ,alexa to control smart device. 5.Some devices can be independently controlled by themselves, such as switches, etc.
  • Q How many devices can i add to Smart IR remoto?

    A No limited,Only need to confirm that the device is controlled by infrared and not rolling code.Dedicated code.
  • Q Can i use camera with sd card but no wifi?

    A Yes, you can,the step you need to do is:
    1. Insert SD card. 2.Follow the instructions to connect the camera to the network. 3.Set save location to SD card. 4.View the video stored in the SD card through the mobile phone, or take out the SD card and use the computer to watch the video.
  • Q Once you set up the device on a 2.4ghz network, can you switch your ios device back to 5ghz or must you keep the controlling device on the 2.4ghz net?

    A After set up the device on a 2.4ghz network, you can switch your ios device back to 5ghz .
  • Q After a power outage will they return to their previous state?

    A When a smart device is connected to the network through a smart phone, and after matching with the APP, it will automatically connect to the network without changing the settings in the same network, power off and restart.
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We attended the 17th ASEAN EXPO. We introduced Smart Home products and Selfie Ringlight &Tripod.Many Clients are interested in it.We attended

Global Sources Shanghai Science and Technology Exhibition

Perfect start and end, Global Sources Shanghai Science and Technology Exhibition,Thanks to TRANSMEI's friends, although during the special period, we still insist on completing the display and promotion of smart home electrical and electrical products.The main products exhibited this time are:SMART 

Transmei 128th Canton fair online show

Global partner for Transmei IoT electronics. # #Cheers! For China team finish 128th Canton fair online show, For BD partner team hardly work in special time! Thanks !www.transmei.net.welcome to global partner come grow up with Transmei IoT.

Transmei 129th Canton fair online show

We invite you scan barcode for 129th Canton fair online show.Transmei IoT smart home will have broadcasting every morning 9:00-11:00 a.m China time.nice to see you there.

TRANSMEI has officially become the #VC-level VENDOR of Amazon in Japan

Here, we are happy to announce,#TRANSMEI INTERNATIONAL LLC. has officially become the #VC-level VENDOR of Amazon in Japan. We will provide smart IoT home electronic and electrical products for the #Amazon market in Japan.We will pay more attention to supply chain management, quality control, and bra

What does selfie ring light LED color rendering index (CRI) mean? Is the higher the color rendering index the better?

What does color rendering index (CRI) mean? The color rendering index is used to measure the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce a set of 8 standard color patches. It is calculated by a standardized test developed by lighting manufacturers in the mid-20th century. You must not understa

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Can you attach a ring light to a tripod?

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What does selfie ring light do?

in essence,Selfie light is an optimization and personalization of photographic light. In the old days in the studio, in order to make the characters look fuller, there were tinted lights, which made them look like makeup. With the development of The Times, people will take photos anytime and anywher

What is a Ring Light & Why Should I Use It?

A ring light is a circular lamp or flash that surrounds the lens of a camera.

127th Canton Fair Live Broadcast

The 127th session of Canton Fair will be held from June 15th to 24th online,and will provide around-the-clock online services for product promotion, matchmaking and business negotiations. Register and enjoy business opportunities of Canton Fair! Please click the link below to register:https://buyer.

LED ringlight provides more front focus illumination than the light box

The ring light provides more front focus illumination than the light box.N easy folded , less space, welcome to home user.

Thanks to Changzhou TV for the interview

Thanks to Changzhou TV for the interview, Transmeilive braodcast

Changzhou Daily Newpaper Interview Transmei

Transmei prepare for 127th Canton Fair Broadcast

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