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Lightweight Tripod TM-520

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  • TM-520
  • 1100g
  • Aluminum Alloy

Product details

Lightweight, convenient and easy to carry. Suitable for entry digital SLR and mobile phone users within 4KG. The user-friendly design of the comfortable handle makes it easy to carry a tripod. The 3D pan/tilt and dockable panels are easy to use, allowing you to easily capture video and images. A tripod bag is provided with the stand to easily fit the stand, making it easy to carry and protect the stand when traveling.

Product Specification

Fold Height: 52cm

Max Height: 149cm                  

Net Weight:1100g                                 

Max load capacity 4.0KG                      

Material; Aluminum Alloy                    

Pan head type: 3-way pan head with quick release plate                                       

Leg sections: 4                                                

Max tube diameter: 25X19.2MM                                           

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