Smart Switch TM-WF-US01

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Product specification :

1.Color: white/black 

2.Weight: 130g 

3.Size :(L) 120*(W)75 *(H)35 mm

4.Material: PC plastic

5.Maximum current: 15A

6.Voltage range: AC 100-240V

7.Wireless frequency: 2.4G

8.Certification: ETL /CETL/ FCC



  • TM-WF-US01
  • Transmei
  • 130g
  • 120*(W)75 *(H)35 mm
  • white/black
  • group
  • PC plastic

Control your light anytime & anywhere

Perfectly replace your regular light switch, just enjoy the great convenience of voice control and App remote control.

Before mounting, dismounting, wiring, or inspecting a switch, be sure to turn OFF the power supply to the switch, otherwise an electric shock may be received or the switch may burn.

Smart switch installed better WiFi module than all other smart switches, the Wifi connection is stable and never offline. Only need a simple setting, the switch will always waiting for your command. No need to worry about disconnection anymore.

[Voice Control] Gosund Smart Wall Switch works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. You can turn on/ off lights with a simple voice command and enjoy the great hands-free convenience of voice control. It helps a lot when your hands are busy or the room is completely dark.

[Remote Control] With App, you can control your lights anytime and anywhere as you want, no matter if you are working in the office or on vacation. Gosund smart switch also supports group control function, you can set multiple lights into one group, and then turn on/ off them all with one click.

[Timer & Schedule] If you don’t want to go back to your dark home after a busy day, then Gosund smart light switch will be a perfect choice. You can use the schedule function to set the time so that it will turn on automatically before you come back. If you don't like to sleep in the dark and you also don't want to leave the lights on all night, smart switch can helps you. With timer function, the light will turn off automatically at the time you set.

[Simple and safe installation] No need for professional electrician skills, step-by-step instructions will guide you easily finish installation.

【Remote control】Do you want to control your switch without touch. That is possible! Transmei smart switch could help you easily control your switch all the time. You can use the APP on your smart devices to check the condition of the switch, and finish your instruction at any time. Connect with your WIFI account with Transmei smart switch, then use it via APP at any time, even you are staying on the outside,  you still can control your smart switch freely.

【Voice conmtrol】You also could use it with voice control on the platform of Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Tuya, and Smartlife. We already sign the transport protocols with Google and Amazon, hence you can use it naturally.

【Timing and Set】Do you want to enjoy the warm lamp on a winter night? Then you can use it! Before you come back home, you can operate your idea via APP as long as your smart switch is online. The amazing is you also can set the timing for what you want, during your sleep time, the lamp will be automatically turn off or on after when you set it. Max 8 timing tasks.

Want more? No problems! Transmei smart switch could help you to record how much electricity have you use, Transmei is always committed to environmental protection.

【Material structure】it has an acrylic panel, comfortable touch feeling will offer you a cushy mood.  The WIFI logo will tell you the state when you want to reset the smart switch. You can hear white noise when you click it.

【Easy installation】There does no need the professional electrician skills, step-by-step instructions will guide you easily finish the installation.

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