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TRANSMEI IN CHINA-ASEAN EXPO                                

We attended the 17th ASEAN EXPO. We introduced  Smart Home products and Selfie Ringlight &Tripod.Many Clients are interested in it.

We attended meeting to discuss market trends for the Smart Home ,selfie  ringlight &tripod.

 Transmei is always at the forefront of the market ,we will provide high quality service and high quality products.

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What does selfie ring light do?                                                                             


  IPlaceholder Imagen the first place, in essence,Selfie light is an optimization and personalization of photographic light. 

  In the old days in the studio, in order to make the characters look fuller, there were tinted lights, which made them look like makeup. 

  With the development of The Times,nowdays people will take photos anytime and anywhere, but the light is not so perfect.

The selfie light was thus created. It is portable , and can supplement the light to achieve the effect of makeup. Make your face more beautiful and concealer. 

   Like most stars, they shoot films, shoot TV, will play a large power of the light, and now, in daily life, can also be used such products.

Placeholder Image

  Huawei Mate40 series realizes ring flash selfie through customized ring flash protection shell.

 This is  once again proves the role of selfie light in photo decoration. 

  But in fact, not everyone will buy the Huawei Mate40 series, however, now you can take a loop-flash selfie. with a mini selfie light and even use it on your laptop head.

  And the price is cheap, unlimited mobile phone model.

  This product has 2 models, with battery and charging, it is best selfie ring light for iphone ,welcome to inquire. We provide high quality, low price .

   Besides ,we also have selfie ringlight with tripod. If you want to buy or know more information,please contact me.Email:Jessie@transmei.net.

Placeholder Image  The picture shows the same orange under different lights. 
  In turn is no beauty lights, cold light, warm light, natural light.
  You can see that not only the surface of the orange is different under different lights,but also the third dimension is differernt.
  In addition, this small Led ringlight can also be used as mini lighting. 
Help you find your keyor help you to open the door in  the dark .


Can you attach a ring light to a tripod?                                                 

  Of course, our tripod can attach a ring light.  The screw of the tripod is universal,it can be used for cellphone/ smart phone. And also can be used for selfie ring light,camera.

  We have a verity of tripod.There are flexible ones that can hold objects like branches. There are foldable, lightweight and travelable. Some can be turned into selfie sticks, while others can be fitted with professional cameras.The tripod position also can be adjusted.

If you want to buy or know more information,please contact me.Email:Jessie@transmei.net.

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    Q&A         Q&A         ​​​​​​​Q&A        ​​​​​​​Q&A    

What does LED selfie ring light color rendering index (CRI) mean?


The color rendering index (CRI) is used to measure the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce a set of 8 standard color patches. It is calculated by a standardized test developed by lighting manufacturers in the mid-20th century. You must not understand that. Then explain to you that the light shining on the same dish has different attributes, which is called the color rendering index. Is the higher the color rendering index the better? The color rendering index of sunlight is defined as 100. In order to comply with the long-term lighting habits of human beings, the International Commission on Illumination stipulates that the Planck radiator should be used as the reference light source for low color temperature light sources below 5000K, and the standard illuminator D should be used as the reference light source for the color temperature above 5000K. The color rendering index of the reference light source is set as 100. Still can't understand? It doesn't matter, after reading this article, you will understand what color rendering index is.


What does CRI rates mean for photography?


The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is used to measure the ability of a light source to accurately reproduce a set of 8 standard color patches. Compared with sunlight, sunlight is considered ideal or CRI 100. These original reference color blocks are R1 to R8, as shown in the figure below.





You will notice that R1-R8 are all soft colors, which is very useful for measuring the subtle differences in the output of various incandescent lamps. The light emitted by incandescent lamps is similar to the light emitted by our sun or even candles; that is, by heating the material until it emits visible light. Most incandescent light sources emit a spectrum that is very close to the ideal (sun, CRI 100), so there is no need to measure color, and these lights can be accurately presented without problems.


Since the Selfie ring light LED CRI value of daylight is 100, the light we pursue is closer to the nearer light, the light received by human eyes will be more comfortable and realistic.


Light source control standard and effect of color rendering index


The color rendering index is a measure of the color rendering of a light source, expressed by the degree of consistency between the color of the object under the measured light source and the color of the object under the reference standard light source. The general color rendering index is the average value of the color rendering index of the light source to the first to eight standard color samples specified by the International Commission on Illumination. It is commonly known as the color rendering index and the symbol is Ra. The "color rendering index" we usually call is the abbreviation of general color rendering index. The special color rendering index is the color rendering index of the light source for the 9th to 15th standard color samples selected by the International Commission of Illumination. The symbol is Ri.




The figure above is the appearance of the 14 test colors used in the color rendering index system.

General color rendering index:3



The larger the Ra, the better the color rendering performance; on the contrary, the worse the color rendering performance.

Commonly used lamps and color rendering index are as follows:



The spectral power distribution of the light source determines the color rendering of the light source. The closer to the natural light spectrum, the higher the color rendering index.

You can say that "color rendering index" does not represent all of a lamp. However, it cannot be without "high CRI". Because the high CRI has its unique advantages:





Is the higher the color rendering index the better? Examples discuss high color reproduction when used for Selfie!





Is the higher the color rendering index the better for selfie face? This is a picture of a beautiful woman's face. As the saying goes, "There is no harm without comparison." A good CRI ring light shines on a beautiful woman's face, it should have its own beauty effect. The whole frame is divided into three parts, the upper part is the effect of being illuminated by the light of color rendering index 65, the middle part is the effect of being illuminated by the light of color rendering index 73, and the lower part is the effect of being illuminated by the light of color rendering index 80.


It can be seen from the picture that the upper part of the color is obviously distorted, the color details are lost, the color saturation is very low, and the light's restoration of the color is very low, giving people the feeling of "black in the hall". The effect of the middle part is obviously better than that of the upper part, with a certain color, but the effect is not good, the result is sallow skin, no vitality. The effect presented in the lower part is highly reductive and more pleasing to the eye. The color saturation is high, the skin on the face is ruddy and shiny, and the lips are sexy and ruddy, which is very attractive.


What is the relationship between Selfie ring light color CRI rendering index and eyes?  


The optics community has repeatedly confirmed that natural light can prevent myopia. From the perspective of protecting eyesight, it is the right choice to choose high-CRI lamps, especially table lamps for children. Children's books, toys and other things are colorful. If you choose a table lamp with a low CRI, the colors reflected back to the children's eyes will lose saturation, causing color distortion, and easily cause visual fatigue, which may lead to myopia.


The above is the knowledge answer about what the color rendering index means and the higher the color rendering index, the better. Different places have different requirements for the color rendering index. For example, museums require precise color contrast and high color requirements. The color index must be above 90. The color rendering index is between 80 and 89 for places that need correct color judgment. For places that require medium color rendering, the color rendering index is between 60 and 79.

What is a Ring Light & Why Should I Use It?

Views:17     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-17      Origin:Site


A ring light is a circular lamp or flash that surrounds the lens of a camera. This produces even lighting, diffused shadows and a cool halo-effect in the subject's eye.


(If you've seen yourself in a lighted makeup mirror, that's a ring light effect. )


Beauty vloggers on Instagram and YouTube use ring lights to add professional polish to makeup tutorials (and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles). Similarly, YouTube and Twitch streamers often use a ring light as part of a lighting setup. 

A typical ring-light kit includes a stand and colored filters. Some kits also include a carrying case, phone holder and a tabletop-tripod. These holders and stands are often made of lightweight plastic.



LED ringlight provides more front focus illumination than the light box.

And easy folded , less space, welcome to home user.


For micro photography, the ring light provides slightly more front focus lighting than a light box, but distributes the light around a small subject, enough to hide shadows and bring out more details. You can also use it as a fill light in studio shooting, you may already have other light sources. This ensures that you have enough soft light to directly illuminate the subject, making it more three-dimensional. Make-up ring light. Although ring lights are great for photos, they can also provide good lighting for videos. If you have ever wondered why a particular subject looks significantly better under constant light, they might use ring lights. They can be said to be the best lighting for videos, especially for video blogs and product reviewers.




In fact, every serious makeup artist will use the ring light for makeup tutorials because it can instantly enhance facial features and help show the true colors of the skin and its products. They only need to light up the makeup ring in front of the camera (or camera phone) and record it. Select the ring light. For the ring light on the black background, the ring light can be as it is, but now there are many tutorials on how to make your own DIY ring light. However, please keep in mind that if you make a constant ring light for video, this is usually a more challenging task because you need to brush the bulb type and get the correct materials to make sure your DIY ring light is safe Repeated and long-term use. It is a good thing to use a more constant light instead of a ring light that flashes every time the shutter is clicked. It is easier to make the necessary changes to achieve the desired effect and light intensity. Then, flashing ring lights can also help you save electricity.





Another thing to note when making is that the power and size are indeed different. If you want to see bright captured light on your subject's eyes, you need a larger ring light. However, if you want to take a lot of close-up shots, a smaller ring light will give you the same effect. As for the power supply, it is usually best to choose a power supply with a dimmer so that you can easily adjust the power according to the distance between the ring light and the subject. Finally, please pay attention to the color temperature of the ring light. Even if you decide to use color gels to temporarily create more interesting colors with lights, you want to have more natural default colors. For ring lights, fluorescent lamps, warm white or even bright white lighting are usually preferred, rather than warm yellow or bright white. How to use the ring light, ring light stand Behind the scenes of ring light photography, when you are ready, just place the indicator light in front of the camera. Whether you are using a camera phone or a more professional camera, make sure that the lens is in the center of the ring light so that you can illuminate the subject evenly every time. Use clips or even a tripod to hold the camera and ring light in place.




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